Loon River Cafe Appetizer Menu

Up North Platter

Campfire Potatoes

Roasted Cheese, Cluckers, Buck Shot Mushrooms, Campfire Potatoes and Sweet Potato Fries

Fried potatoes topped with cheese, peppers, onions, bacon, and black olives, served with loon sauce.
 7.50 6.50
Turkey and White Bean Chili Crab and Cheese Quesadillas
White bean chili topped with cheddar cheese. Grilled totillas, crabmeat, cheese and seasonings.
Cup - 2.95 Bowl - 4.25 7.50
Snake Cakes Chicken Quesadillas
Rattlesnake mixed with seasoned breading and grilled. Grilled tortillas filled with chicken, cheese, peppers, onions, and tomatoes.
 6.99  6.50 
Porcini Pie Sesame Duck Tenders

Tender dough filled with wild mushrooms, fresh cheese and a porcini mushroom sauce.

Lightly breaded, pan-fried duck tenders served with a sesame sauce.


Buck Shot Mushrooms Sweet Potato Fries
Fresh mushrooms filled with pepper cheese fried in spicy batter. A basket of our own home made sweet potato fries.
4.75 3.50
Scottish Smoked Salmon Pan Seared Shrimp
Slow smoked salmon cut thin and served with grilled bread and a fresh tomato relish. Four large shrimp with garlic and tomato.
6.99 6.50
Roasted  Cheese Thicket Sticks
Layers of cheese and garlic wrapped in thin dough and baked. Fresh garlic bread layered with mozzarella cheese then baked. Served with herb pesto sauce.
 5.50  4.50
Cluckers Venison Chili
Fresh chicken wings lightly floured and deep fried then tossed in loon sauce. A large bowl of our famous white tail chili topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion chips.
5.50 Cup -2.99  Bowl - 3.99 

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