Pet Peeves

1. People who stand close to you in line
2. People who call you in the middle of the night and ask for Candi
3. Not returning someone's phone call
4. Knocking on my door more than 3 times a hour
5. A messy room
6. Homework
7. Dumb people treating smart people like they're stupid.  (You know who you are)
8. Junk e-mail
9. College applications
10. Family
11. More family
12. The whole family
13. Computer viruses
14. Freshman  (Most of them) of High School
15. Sophomores  (All of them) of High School
16. Juniors  (The majority) of High School
17. Alan Jackson  (Long story,  We passed him in Nashville and he gave us a dirty look)
18. Not running into Reba while in Nashville
19. People that scream at your for something that you have no control over
20. Unisex bathrooms
21. People being in the bathroom while I am in there (Public Places)
22. The ghost on the television
23. Bryon
24. People who honk their horn at you when your stuck in traffic
25. Guys that hit on me
26. People who use someone else password to talk to someone else
27. People who attempt to break my password.  You'll never get it
28. People who say Star Trek sucks.  YOU SUCK!!!
29. Compaq
30. Polka music
31. Rap Music
32. The computer locking up
33. Pagers
34. Work orders
35. Smart Gate Security Software
36. MCI
37. Sprint
38. The U.S.S. Enterprise D being destroyed in Star Trek: Generation
39. Other drivers, especially the ones that cut you off during rush hour.
40. College math
41. Not getting to meet Reba at her concert
42. College Business Office
43. Macintosh Systems (Think PC)
45. The School Library
46. My college schedule
47. Druck people roaming around the door of my dorm room
48. Parties down the hall
49. The guy downt the hall aways drives you up the wall
50. The four hour drive home from Indiana