Loon River Cafe Full Meal Menu

Hunter's Style Rainbow Trout

Bush Bay Ribs

Fresh farm raised trout from our tank pan fried with potatoes and onions.

Lightly smoked in our wood oven and brushed with BBQ sauce.
14.50 1/2 Slab - 10.99  Full Slab - 13.99
Mixed Grill Buffalo Style Ribs
Sirloin steak, chicken and two rib bones. Roasted BBQ ribs tossed in a hot spicy buffalo sauce.
13.99 1/2 Slab - 10.99  Full Slab - 13.99
Iroquois Salmon Keweenaw White Fish
10 oz. of fresh salmon cooked on an open grill or slow smoked to perfection. Fresh white fish baked Indian style with bacon.
13.99 12.50 
Smoked Pork Chops Venison Steak

Thick cut pork chops slowly smoked in our own ovens.

Baked white tail chops with mushroom filling wrapped in bacon.


Walnut Chicken Chicken Penne
Batter dipped chicken strips topped with roasted walnuts and plum sauce. Grilled boneless breast of chicken placed on penne pasta with a light tomato sauce and melted cheese
10.99 11.50
Walleye Lake Perch
Fresh walleye pan fried in butter or breaded and deep fried. Fresh yellow perch lightly floured and pan fried or breaded and deep fried.
13.99 13.99
Grilled Black Angus Steak Yooper
Dry aged 12 oz. prime strip steak. Large beef pasty made in the U.P. tradition and served with pan gravy.
15.99 10.50
Filet Mignon Woodsman Sirloin Steak
Center cut 8-ounces. Gilled 10 oz. sirloin served with stewed wild mushrooms.
16.99 12.50
Mushroom Ravioli Camp Style Chopped Venison Steak
Large bowl of Michigan mushroom ravioli served in a light mushroom sauce. 10- oz. chopped venison served on garlic mashed potatoes and topped with braised BBQ style onions.
11.99 10.99
Shore Lunch Roast Duck Harsens Island
Battered whitefish served over grilled potatoes and onions. Half duck slowly roasted with cranberry glaze.
8.99 14.50
Canadian Pan Seared Shrimp and Salsa Potatoes Chicken Skillet
Large shrimp sauteed with a garden salsa. Boneless breast of chicken sauteed with mushrooms and shallots in a mustard cream.
14.50 11.99
Garlic Pepper Steak Stew of the Day
12 oz. grilled strip steak dusted with fresh black pepper, garlic seasoning and smothered with mushrooms. An incredibly large bowl of our special daily stew!  Ask your server for today's featured selection.

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