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Safety and Security:
We take your security seriously!

In these troubled times, safety and security should be one of your main concerns. At Best Western Sterling Inn, we take your safety seriously and take steps to make sure your stay is as safe as possible. While many hotels offer some of the safety features mentioned below, we believe that none in Metro Detroit offer the total safety package provided by Best Western Sterling Inn!

Key Card Locks:
While key card locks on guest rooms are quickly becoming the standard, some hotels still don't take advantage of the added safety provided to guests. At Best Western Sterling Inn, all of our guest rooms and outside entrance doors have key card access locks with cards that expire at checkout time on the date of departure.

Defibrillation Units:
A life saving devide in case of heart attacks, defibrillation units are starting to be deployed among police and emergency personnel across the nation. At Best Western Sterling Inn, we maintain 2 defibrillation units (one in the water park and one in the hotel lobby) along with trained staff to allow us to respond immediately to anyone who might have the need while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive.

Hotel Lobby

Fire Alarms:
While most hotels now have smoke detectors and fire alarms, Best Western Sterling Inn has a state of the art alarm system with smoke detectors in each guest room and throughout the entire complex that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week that pinpoints the exact point of the alarm allowing our security staff to respond immediately to the area of any alarm condition.

Emergency Power:
Very few hotels have any provision for emergency power in case of an electrical outage while a few hotels provide limited emergency stand-by power to provide elevator service and some lighting. Best Western Sterling Inn has a 2-Megawatt stand-by generator that provides 100% emergency power to the entire complex making it the only Hotel in the State that can provide uninterrupted guest service during a power outage.

Loon River Cafe

Security Cameras:
Few Hotels have security cameras, and most of those that do cover only the parking areas. At Best Western Sterling Inn, we cover and record nearly all of our common areas, the parking lot, water park, exercise room, lobby guest hallways, and other areas with security cameras monitored 24 hours, seven days a week, by our security staff to ensure guest safety

.Emergency Manual:
Best Western Sterling Inn is one of only a few Hotels that maintains an emergency manual (which has been reviewed by the Emergency Manager for the City of Sterling Heights) detailing operations in the event of a variety of emergencies.

Conference Facilities

In-Room Safes:
In addition to the safety deposit boxes offered by most hotels at the front deks, Best Western Sterling Inn provides complimentary in-room guest safes capable of holding a lap-top computer that use the guest's own credit card as the key.

Many hotels have swimming pools, but few have lifeguards on duty. Best Western Sterling Inn was the first hotel in Michigan to provide certified lifeguards and remains the only hotel in Metropolitan Detroit to do so. In addition, all of our lifeguards receive additional training every two weeks to ensure that they keep current on all of their skills.

Safe City:
In addition to having fast EMS response time, the City of Sterling Heights has been rated the safest city of its' size in the State of Michigan and the third safest city of its' size in the country.

Contact Info
34911 Van Dyke Avenue · Sterling Heights, MI 48312 · Toll Free: (800) 953-1400 · Phone: (586) 979-1400· Fax: (586) 979-7962
Email: [email protected]
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