Baked Pheasant

Pheasant season just opened last week. Maybe the hunter in your family will be lucky enough to bag one. Watch where you're walking though. Last time I tried it, I fell, broke my gun, twisted my leg and got hit with bird shot. But, I'm going right back out there this season. Once a hunter, always a hunter.

Pheasant is a prized bird to serve up for dinner. You must leave the skin on when roasting or it will be too dry. If the skin is removed, then cover it with bacon. This recipe for Baked Pheasant uses an a cornbread stuffing and it is delicious served with pan gravy. Four four people you'll need:

1 TB             oil
1/4              red pepper, diced
1/8 cup          diced green onions 
2 cups           cooked cornbread crumbs
2 TB             cooked bacon bits
1/2              egg
1/4 cup          parmesan cheese
1/2 cup          regular bread crumbs
pinch            each of thyme, sage and cayenne pepper 
1 ea.            pheasant, shot removed
to taste         salt and pepper
                 chicken stock
                 diced carrots and onions