Grilled Chicken and Pasta

Always expect the unexpected--at least that's what my wife, Michele, has come to understand. I floored her last week by coming home and--yes, I cooked dinner. Does a mailman want to go for a walk after the day he's put in? No way. I feel the same way about KP duty once I hit home--especially since Michele is a good cook in her own right.

But, when the mood strikes you, by all means....follow through, because variety is the spice of life! This Grilled Chicken and Pasta which I just threw together that night is easy and the savory blend of parmesan and garlic and lemon is sure to please. To feed 4-6 people, you'll need:

2 lbs.                  boneless chicken breast
1/2                     lemon
a sprinkle              granulated garlic
1/2 tsp                 marjoram
1 cup                   virgin olive oil
6 plus                  tomatoes, diced and deseeded
1 ea.                   red pepper
2 lbs.                  cooked pasta (your choice)
5 cloves                fresh garlic, chopped
2 TB                    fresh basil, chopped
1 cup                   grated fresh parmesan cheese
to taste                salt and pepper 

Squeeze the fresh lemon on the chicken breast and then sprinkle with granulated garlic and marjoram. Cook on the grill until done.

While the chicken is grilling, heat your oil in a pan until it is hot, then add your tomatoes and red pepper and saute for 2 minutes. Now add your cooked pasta, garlic, basil and parmesan cheese. Toss for two minutes. Place on a platter and top with your grilled chicken. You can garnish this platter, too, with some fresh sprigs of basil. Nice color touch.

Need a wine? Michele and I love Ch√Ęteau Ste. Michelle from Washington State--in existence for a dozen years now. They're known for their whites. Try the Johannisberg Riesling if you like your wines on the slightly sweet side or their Sauvignon Blanc if you tend towards the drier. Both are terrific. And as always, a good cook appreciates nature and what it has to offer.