Harvest Soup

Jack Frost is nipping at our toes. We've battened down the hatches and the tulip bulbs have been planted. The Christmas lights are up and the snow camel outerwear is standard attire.....it's time to go bow hunting for a ham or stick hunting for a porker. If the Jim Beam doesn't warm you, this soup recipe will. This will make a pot for a crowd... the folks are flocking in for the holidays like geese. Time to crank up the old wood stove. For a passle of people, you'll need:

1 gallon                Great Lakes water
1 lb.                   lean diced bacon
2 lbs.                  diced ham
2 ea.                   medium rutabaga
1 ea.                   leek, diced white part only
1 ea.                   small head cabbage
5 ea.                   small potatoes
to taste                salt and pepper
pinch                   marjoram
2 TB                    chicken base

The leek in a soup recipe gives it a nice delicate flavor. If you don't have leeks, you can substitute regular onions.

Dice all the veggies up and throw in a large pot with the water. Simmer 3 hours. How easy can you get? You can make it a couple of days ahead of time, too, or freeze it for later use. It goes well with some homemade cornbread. And as always, a creative cook is a good cook.