BBQ Kielbasa and Chicken Sticks

World Cup Soccer has been bombarding us from every angle lately. It's kind of neat seeing and hearing about all the different foreign countries coming to Detroit. It makes me think of all the great different ethnic foods we enjoy in this area, too. I had a chance to try some garlic-laden Romanian sausages when the fans were in town recently. They were fabulous.

Homemade sausages sizzling on the grill really make my taste buds perk up. The aroma of various types of links and spices co-mingling over an open flame sends me into an eating frenzy. This is the forté of the American backyard barbecue chef and what summer is all about.

The secret to a good kabob is using good sausage. Experiment in your local meat shop. Many of these neighborhood stores are run by different nationalities who come from a background of generations of sausage making. I think of italian and polish and german--and they all specialize in their own specific ethnic meats. It's a super gastronomic trip to try them all.

One of my favorite concoctions mixes homemade kielbasa with chunks of chicken and veggies. To make BBQ Kielbasa and Chicken Sticks to feed 4 people, you'll need:

1/2 lb.                   boneless chicken breast
1 lb.                     kielbasa
1 ea.                     red pepper
1/2 ea.                   red onion
2 TB                      steak seasoning
4 cloves                  garlic

Cut the onions, peppers, chicken and kielbasa into chunks. In a pan, saute the chicken and then let cool. Thread the chicken and veggies and kielbasa alternately on skewers. Squeeze in a clove of garlic for each kabob as well. Drizzle your steak sauce over the kabobs and let marinate one hour and then toss them on the grill, turning frequently until done.

If you're considering a wine with this course, why not try a Romanian one with these garlic kabobs. Premiat makes a good hearty red Cab to stand up to these he-man aromas. It's inexpensive, too And as always, a good cook appreciates nature and what it has to offer.