Texas Stew

As far back as you can go in any good old American cookbook, there are good stew recipes. If you talk to an American Indian, he's probably done a few with buffalo meat--that good old fashioned rib-sticking food. At Fairfield's, we've gone back to the same approach, producing an array of midwestern Michigan foods for our new menu. Major renovations have taken place and our restaurant, now the Loon River Café, has an up north lodge atmosphere. Picture a place like that in the thirties with someone like Ernest Hemingway eating there next to the huge cobblestone wood-burning fireplace. A live rainbow trout tank guarantees freshness in dining and entertainment for the kids.

But, back to the stew.... every day, we'll be featuring a different Stew Du Jour, with large chunks of homemade bread. This Texas Stew is one we'll be serving:

2 TB                  oil
1 ea.                 pork tenderloin
1 ea.                 red bell pepper
4 cups                diced potatoes
1 cup                 diced carrots
1 ea.                 diced onion
2 cups                bite sized fresh green beans
2 cups                sliced musrooms
1 qt                  homemade beef gravy
2 cups                barbecue sauce
1 tsp                 cayenne pepper
to taste              salt 
2 TB                  snake bite*

In an oven ready pan, heat up a little oil. Dice up the pork tenderloin and fry it up in the pan. Add the onions and carrots. Let cook a couple of minutes. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Place in a 350 degree oven for about 1 hour. You need a good red wine with this one. Try the Vis à Vis Red from Leelanau, up in the little finger. Hope to see you soon at the Loon River Café. We're excited about it. Our opening date is September 1. And as always, a creative cook is a good cook and that's the kind you don't want to lose. *P.S. Snake Bite is the hunter's term for Bourbon.