Grilled Veggie and Chicken Salad

Veggies grilled on the barbecue are a wonderful summer treat. They have kind of an autumn taste--if you can imagine that. It's so appealing and very different. I like to grill them and serve on a sandwich with chicken and herbed garlic cheese--a combination made in heaven and one that Dad would surely go for on Father's Day. For each open-faced sandwich, you'll need:

1 ea              boneless, skinless breast of chicken
2 slices          zucchini
1 thin slice      red onion
1 thin slice      roma tomato
pinch             lemon pepper
1 TB              olive oil
1 ea.             bagel
1 TB              herbed garlic cheese

While the grill is heating, rub the chicken breast and veggies with the olive oil (this prevents them from sticking to the grates). Place the chicken on the grill and cook it all the way through. Place the veggies on the grill and cook until light brown. Only heat the tomato slices through or they will turn to mush.

To make your sandwich, spread the bagel halves with the cheese, then layer it with the chicken breasts and top with veggies. If it sounds like too much work, head on out to the Loon. We've got it on the menu and with a tall glass of Passion Fruit iced tea, you can just sit back and relax. And as always, a good cook appreciates nature and what it has to offer.