Metro Detroit Statistics

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Located in Southeastern Michigan, Detroit is the largest city in Michigan and the sixth largest city in the United States. It was named Ville Detroit or "City of the Strait" by its founder, Antoinede la Mothe Cadillac, because of its position on the Detroit River.

DATE OF FOUNDING: July 24, 1701

POPULATION: City: 1, 203, 463 Metropolitan: 4, 581, 200 (Metropolitan Detroit areas includes Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties)

GOVERNMENT: Mayor and nine-member Detroit City Council, all serving four year terms.

LAND AREA: City: 136. 6 square miles Metropolitan: 2,026. 1 square miles

ALTITUDE: 581 feet (177 meters) measured at the Detroit River

Average high and low temperatures (degrees F):

Month          High            Low
Jan.           34.0           19.0
Feb.           34.0           19.0
Mar.           42.3           27.3
Apr.           56.4           38.8 
May            68.6           48.4
June           79.1           60.3
July           82.0           61.0
Aug.           82.0           61.0
Sept.          74.2           56.0
Oct.           62.8           44.7
Nov.           47.1           33.7
Dec.           35.7           24.1

RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE: 105 degrees in July, 1934

RECORD LOW TEMPERATURE: 24 degrees below zero on July 22,1872



AVERAGE SNOWFALL: 30. 95 inches

AVERAGE WIND: 10.1 miles per hour

DISTANCE FROM DETROIT TO MAJOR CITIES: Detroit is about a 90-minus flight from 60 percent of the U. S. population.

MILEAGE FROM DETROIT TO (select cities):

Chicago, IL                 275
Lansing, MI                  84  
Cincinnati, OH              270  
Milwaukee, WI               362  
Cleveland, OH               172  
New York, NY                672 (via Canada)        765(via U.S.)  
Columbus, OH                195 
Philadelphia, PA            514  
Grand Rapids, MI            148 
Pittsburgh, PA              201  
Indianapolis, IN            282  
Toronto, Canada             243  

MAJOR INDUSTRY: Internationally known for automobile manufacturing and trade, the world headquarters for General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co., American Motors Corp. and Volkswagen of America are located in metropolitan Detroit. The area ranks first in the production of paints, nonelectrical machinery and automation equipment and is a leader in pharmaceuticals, steel production, office equipment, machine tools, rubber products, salt, television components, synthetic resins and garden seed. National and international corporations headquarters include Burroughs, Kmart, The Budd Co., Stroh's Brewery, American National Resources, Fruehauf and Federal Mogul. Nearly 30 million tons of cargo are carried annually on the Detroit River, making Detroit one of the top five ports in the United States. Ships can use Detroit docking facilities without the aid of tugs.